Pattern Testing

Do you want to make sure that your pattern works? Don’t want to let hundreds of people down when you send out your pattern and there is a huge mistake in there? Well if your pattern is amigurumi/toy related, or is something small like a washcloth, coaster or anything around that size, I would love to test your pattern ) I may accept testing scarf patterns too, matters how much yarn I have of that color.  I have every single size crochet hook so that wont be an issue. Please fill out the following form in the comments. (Don’t worry, nobody but me will see it) I will not give out any of the information you submit, because I think that isn’t fair, this means I wont give out your pattern either.

Name you’d like me to call you by:

Email Address

Website URL

Image URL (What the final result will look like)

Expected size of piece

Yarn Colors Needed:


That’s it! If you have any questions, please also mention them too. 🙂

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